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          How to maintain pulse bag filter

          The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:443  Date of Issue:2021-11-22

          Every time before applying in the filter to check your work, check the machine whether the major components of normal use, is there a problem, if any, should be timely replacement and put the use ability, which includes reviews have dust bag tightly, the belt is loose, the power supply voltage is normal, after in the shell temperature is normal and is there any wear filter bag, etc., In short, the parts of the dust collector should be carefully checked before use, so that the equipment will not show problems in the process of operation, but also prolong its service life.

          Filter without using time-division also needs to do a good job of maintenance to it, the effect of the _ is used to deal with all kinds of smoke and dust, so often accumulated too much iron filings, dust and oil dirt, so _ power will affect the normal operation of machinery and equipment, so need to clean them regularly for dust collector, dust and gas in equipment shell does not suffer from corrosion, Prolong service life.

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