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          How to carry out energy saving transformation of industrial dryer?

          The author:Yancheng Jishengda Environmental Protection Engineering Co., LTD Click:494  Date of Issue:2021-11-15

          Method of energy-saving reform of the industrial dryer: when you buy after using for a period of industrial dryer, is found that the biggest problem is not energy saving, energy saving renovation, if after can greatly improve the machine production, reduce the coal consumption, on the advice of the Asia Pacific mining machinery network technology, the industrial dryer here today should pay attention to the problem of the reform to introduce the next. The internal transformation of the dryer is very important. The investment in the internal transformation of the dryer is not big, and it is relatively simple, but it is necessary to understand the structural principle of the dryer, the kinds of drying materials and the situation of the supporting dust collector, and develop feasible transformation plan based on the daily experience summarized.

          The steps of energy-saving transformation are as follows:

          1, add the center X-shaped plate, reduce the heat hole, prolong the residence time of materials, improve the efficiency of heat exchange, reduce the loss of high temperature gas. The installation position can start from the middle of the dryer to install 3-5 groups of hoisting plate to the end of the machine in turn, the interval distance is 0.5~1m, each group of 6 X-shaped hoisting plate. But it can not be installed within 3m near the head end of the machine (because the material just put into high moisture, viscosity, low temperature, easy to produce adhesion), otherwise it will affect the overall drying efficiency.

          2, feed end spiral conveying blade removed, instead of triangular reinforcement plate, can be made of 6mm thick steel plate, short right Angle edge height and feed end stop ring the same height, and welded firmly, long right Angle edge length of 800mm, and drying inner cylinder welded firmly, the interval of 50mm welding a circle, the natural formation of a cone feeder. Its role is to slow down the material in the high temperature zone flow rate, and fully absorb heat, improve the heat exchange rate, and can reduce the temperature at the front end of the dryer, avoid burning cylinder and retaining ring.

          3. Transform the feeding pipe Angle. As long as the feeding is not affected, the feeding barrel should be raised as far as possible. To prevent the front end of the material temperature is too high to burn the retaining ring and cylinder, feeding chute is improved, not only conducive to the circulation of high temperature gas and prevent burning chute, material natural fall to form a curtain, direct contact with high temperature gas, improve the heat exchange rate.

          4. Transform the L-shaped hoisting plate at the tail low temperature drying belt about 1/3 of the length of the cylinder body. Generally, the L-shaped hoisting plate is fixed vertically at 90°, and the circle can be welded at the Angle of 30°, 90° and 120° in turn. In this way, through the dryer rotation, the material plate in different space height, the material distribution area is large, the heat exchange rate is high. Note that the transformation of the dryer should be considered comprehensively. If the ventilation is good and the exhaust gas temperature is higher than 100℃, several groups of X-shaped center hoisting plate can be set up. On the contrary, the ventilation is poor and the exhaust gas temperature is lower than 70℃, several groups of X-shaped center hoisting plate should be reduced. Exhaust gas temperature control is very important, too high, on the one hand, cause high energy consumption, on the other hand, will burn out the dust bag; If it is too low, it will cause bag paste, affect ventilation, decrease output, serious corrosion of dust removal internal components, and high maintenance costs.

          5, drying material flow rate is fast, the quality is not good control, can set several groups of X-shaped center plate, but must consider the ventilation and exhaust gas temperature. If conditions are not allowed, the number and position of the baffle ring should be set according to the specific situation. Its disadvantage is that the front part of the baffle ring is easy to wear. Wear-resistant materials or thick steel plates in this area can be used to solve the problem.

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